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Creates, edits and manages various scripts
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Script generation and editing are simplified when you use this editor working with VBS scripts and HTA applications. Direct access to script code is provided in the main interface, auto-completion and debugging tools are included. Multiple sample codes are available.

If you're looking for an editor that can improve your writing speed, Vbsedit is a great choice.
One of the best reasons to choose Vbsedit is the fact that it includes elaborated samples and that it lets you choose from a large variety of templates including ones for Active directory, Server Applications, Managing databases, etc. In other words, it offers a wide selection of samples.

The interface is simple and there are keyboard shortcuts available for various functions. The integrated debug option is the second reason to consider Vbsedit a great script editor. The debug options include "toggle breakpoints" and "remove all breakpoints". Software developers will find these options very useful when it comes to finding bugs and code errors.

You can also choose the background color and the tab size, tweak automatic debugging settings or set miscellaneous options such as "Don't capitalize keywords." The program also lets you organize code snippets or insert a WMI script, and it offers plenty of options to manage functions, objects, scripts and statements.

In conclusion, Vbsedit is a simple to use editor that provides many useful features and tools.

Dave Hattey
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